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Microdermabrasion Or Ultrasonic Exfoliation – Which Is Better?

Exfoliation both at home and in-spa, is essential for clearing clogged pores, fading acne scars, stimulating cell turnover and revealing a youthful, fresh glow. Exfoliation also aids in product penetration, in addition to smoothing your skin texture. However, with more and more research showing that inflammation is the underlying cause of aging, it is now more important than ever to ensure that you’re not going too aggressively with any of your exfoliating treatments–both in-spa and at-home.

When it comes to in-spa exfoliation, you have many different options. Two of the more popular professional treatments (and the two that I will be highlighting here) are microdermabrasion and ultrasonic exfoliation. I’ve had a lot of experience with both and will briefly compare the two…

Microdermabrasion removes dead skin cells to even out the skin tone while stimulating circulation and giving the skin a smooth, youthful appearance. First introduced in the 1990s, this treatment is best for thicker skin, and is not ideal for sensitive skin (certainly not for anyone with rosacea). The problem with the treatment itself is that the suction/vacuum method used can pull and tug on the skin, causing redness, dilating and sometimes even breaking capillaries. I have seen many people with thin, sensitive skin who had been getting regular microdermabrasion treatments and now have significant damage with capillaries and have to undergo laser treatments to repair the skin. We offered microdermabrasion for many years in our skin care spas and for the right skin type (particularly darker, thicker skin types) it did give great results.

For a treatment suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin, I believe ultrasonic exfoliation is a fabulous treatment. How it works is a water solution is applied to the skin to loosen surface dead skin cells and a guided spatula activated by ultrasonic soundwaves (28,000 vibrations per second) lifts the dry skin cells off the skin. While doing this, the water solution is also being infused deep into the skin allow the “new” skin cells to get hydrated. The end results are better, safer for the skin and longer lasting.

It also can be used for clearing out clogged pores. When the blade is angled and used in crevices such as in the chin or sides of the nose, you can remove dirt, old oil, and even blackheads. Your skin is left soft, fresh, clean and glowing.

So of the two, I prefer using ultrasonic exfoliation not only because it can be used for all skin types, but also because it won’t potentially damage your skin (and is pain-free!). For a quick way to plump up your skin and revive that youthful glow without causing irritation, ultrasonic exfoliation is truly the way to go.

Source: Renee Rouleau

Why are Ultrasonic Facials simply Fabulous?

Ultrasonic Facial: Regeneration
Looking for a treatment that will help your skin return to its more youthful, glowing past? I encourage you to consider an Ultrasonic Facial.

Ultrasonic Facial ~ yes, state of the art...but what is it?
It’s an exciting yet simple and powerfully effective tool to rejuvenate your skin. Ultrasound has been widely used around the world in medical applications and is now available for state of the art skincare treatments. Ultrasound uses the cutting-edge technology of very high speed, low-frequency sound waves that radiate invisible micro vibrations deep within cells, helping stimulate the skin’s natural repair mechanisms in distinct ways. But what does that mean for you? In short, it means Ultrasound is superior at cleansing, exfoliating, product infusion restoring elasticity, clearing of pigmentation problems & dramatically improves texture and smoothness...all without using chemicals, dangerous acids or other harsh abrasives.
Furthermore, an Ultrasonic Facial is gentle, non-invasive, safe and suitable for all skin types, from Rosacea/Sensitive to Acne to Mature skins. Yes, even the most sensitive skin will benefit from Ultrasound treatments! This is exciting news for everyone.
But that is not all. Here are just some other important benefits of Ultrasonic treatments in skin rejuvenation:

  • loosens and removes oil, dirt and cellular debris from follicles for cleaner, healthier skin
  • reduces puffiness and helps firm the skin
  • pain free, gentle and completely non-invasive
  • treats gently the most sensitive skin
  • restores skin to a smooth, youthful glow and maintained with regular treatments
  • harmlessly exfoliates the top layer of the skin for a clearer, healthier complexion without causing redness or irritation associated with standard microdermabrasion
  • improves blood circulation and skin elasticity
  • helps remove oxidized waste material from the skin which in turn..
  • increases cell regeneration
  • soothes inflammation and speeds wound healing
  • increases moisture retention
  • improves acneic skin and scarring conditions
  • reduces pore size
  • penetrates skin care products more deeply into the skin where they are required to affect change ......and too many others to list

Want more information? Then let’s consider the main phases of Ultrasonic Facials:

*** Exfoliation - The Exfoliation Phase removes 20% to 50% of the "stratum corneum" — the outer layer of the skin that we continuously shed. Water is applied and then the hand instrument, similar to a small spatula, is stroked over the skin. Ultrasonic vibrations spin the water molecules at high frequency causing cavitation — that is a brief phase change in the water molecule. Cavitation gently removes the dead surface skin cells and cleans out follicles without irritation and inflammation associated with other mechanical methods.

*** Infusion - This is one of the best features. Normally, large molecules cannot penetrate the skin to provide the deep medication that skin often needs to maintain health. But ultrasound makes that penetration possible — the process is called "sonophoresis." More exciting still is because of the small molecular size of the active in the line, 302 skincare products, when used in conjunction with Ultrasonic treatments, prove an especially powerful combination for skin health and rejuvenation. Typically, a serum is penetrated into the skin to provide deep healing and protection to skin cells. Your skincare specialist will discuss with you any other products specific to your skin type that you may need. These are applied liberally to the skin and then the hand instrument is lightly stroked over your skin. The ultrasound frequency opens minute pathways to allow the product to penetrate deeply into your skin, for better, more long-lasting results.

*** Micro Massage Therapy - This phase normalizes the skin with a very mild electrical current — a medically proven technique to restore individual cells' natural electrical charge. The paddle is lightly stroked over the face and throat creating a slight pulsing and warming on the face. When a cell has been damaged due to environmental causes, like overexposure to the sun or aging, the cell's electrical current is adversely affected. As a result, waste products build up in the cell, restricting the flow of nutrients required to maintain its health. This condition makes it difficult for cells to heal from damage and to regenerate. The micro massage phase helps normalize the electric current within the cells and promotes healing, cell regeneration and resiliency. Thus, new life is literally massaged into tired, injured and aging skin.
Ultrasonic Facials are particularly effective in treating the following skin conditions:
The ultrasound vibration helps to break-up follicular deposits of oil, dirt and dead cells — a veritable breeding ground for bacteria. Ultrasonic frequency has been shown to kill bacteria and decongest the pores resulting in cleaner, healthier skin.
Fine Lines & Wrinkles
Ultrasound helps stimulate and promote collagen and elastin production for more youthful skin. It also helps with hydration. The "plumping" of the skin fills out fine lines and wrinkles.
Rosacea & Sensitive Skin
Yes, this is an excellent treatment for sensitive skin, even those with Rosacea. Pure, filtered water and hydrating serum is used during the Peel Phase. It is gentle and non-irritating. During the Infusion Phase, only products formulated for sensitive skin are used. No longer will your sensitive skin and/or Rosacea prevent you from exfoliating!
The Final Result - When used regularly along with a quality skincare home program, your skin will be smoother, healthier and younger looking. Who isn’t interested in that?
Long-term results are achieved when Ultrasound treatments and quality products are regularly performed together—and while one treatment may be all that is necessary to affect a change in some, a series of treatments may be needed by others. However, you will find the results are cumulative, especially when combined with 302. Ultrasound and 302 treatment twice yearly series of treatment can reverse visible aging and restore metabolic functionality in chronologic and environmentally age skin.
As a tool for rejuvenation, ultrasound is powerful. Simple and effective. It will give you the immediate result without using harmful chemicals exfoliates and continue its effects for months after applications.

Source: Essence of Beauty, Ottawa, Ontario

What does it mean to be "Natural" or "Organic" ?
Truth Q&A:

Are your products: 1). natural 2). contain animal products 3). organic certified 4). vegan 5). chemical free 6). preservative free?
Each of these is worthy of a long discussion, but here are the short answers:

1.)   There is, however, no actual definition of natural according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

2.)  Natural skin care is the care of the skin (the largest organ of the body) using naturally-derived ingredients (such as botanicals extracts, roots, essential oils and flowers) combined with naturally occurring carrier agents, surfactants, humectants and emulsifiers. The classic definition of natural skin care is based on using botanically sourced ingredients currently existing in or formed by nature, without the use of synthetic chemicals, and manufactured in such a way to preserve the integrity of the ingredients. We strive to be as natural as possible, but to be all-natural is virtually impossible. 

3.)  We do not use animal derived ingredients. 

4.)  There are no legally defined parameters for certifying cosmetics as being organic. The whole concept is fraught with issues. Cosmetic ingredients are not like food, so trying to apply food based standards are problematic. We strive to make the most effective products without regard to the concept of organic, or else we would have to forgo the use of such technologically advanced ingredients as Peptides, CoQ10 and Vitamins, which cannot be certified as organic.

5.)  Our products are not certified vegan or vegan approved, but they do not contain animal derived ingredients.

6.)  All formulas Gluten Free.

7.)  No. If our products could be maintained without preservatives or with only natural preservatives, we would do so.  It is imperative that products are free of contamination and remain so after the consumer opens and uses the product. Therefore, we will make sure that each formula meets the necessary level of protection.

Source: Private Label Botanical

What's the Deal with Peels?

Q: What do chemical peels do?
Chemical peeling agents resurface the skin by inducing a controlled wound and thus removing superficial layers of the skin. As a result, chemical peels promote the growth of a new healthy top skin layer and improve skin problems like hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, uneven texture and skin impurities.
Q: What should I expect during treatment?
Procedures may vary dependent on the type of chemical peel chosen. Skin is prepped using a medical degreaser to ensure the treated area is free of any oils left on the skin. The chemical agent is then applied and typically remains on the skin for 3 to 5 minutes. Most patients feel a mild stinging which is temporary and usually subsides after a few minutes. Some peels are designed to self neutralize and may remain on your skin for 2-4 hours.
Q: How long is the recovery after a chemical peel and what type of care is necessary?
Recovery times will vary based on the type and strength of the peel. Immediately after the peel, your skin will feel tight and may be red. Any visible peeling will be light and fluffy and easily controlled with moisturizer. Peeling usually lasts 3-5 days, depending on the actual peel treatment. Use of gentle cleanser, moisturizer and sunscreen is important, as it will enhance the healing process and results. Normal activity may be resumed after the peel, however strenuous exercise and heavy sweating should be avoided for 2-3 days. Sun exposure should be avoided while skin is peeling; exposure of treated skin to a lot of heat should also be avoided as it may induce swelling, redness and for deeper peels blisters under the skin. Peeling skin should be allowed to slough off naturally; picking or peeling of flaking skin is prohibited, as it may lead to scarring. Use of prescription topicals should be avoided for 3-5 days post peel.
Q: Why did I not have any visible peeling after my peel?
The success of the peel should not be judged by the amount of peeling, but by the end results that the peel will produce. The amount of peeling may vary depending on individual skin condition at the time of the peel or the depth of the peel. Regardless of the degree of peeling, the skin is still sloughing off at an accelerated rate, resulting in the improvement of skin tone and texture and an improvement of fine lines and uneven pigmentation.
Q: What products or procedures should I avoid before a chemical peel?
• One week before the peel avoid waxing, electrolysis, deploritory creams, and laser hair removal.
• Two to three days before the peel discontinue using any prescription topicals such as Retin-A, differin or Tazorac, as well as any products containing retinol, alpha hydroxyl acids (AHA), beta hydroxyl acids (BHA) or benzoyl peroxide.
• Patients who have had any medical cosmetic facial treatments or procedures such as Laser treatments, cosmetic fillers or other surgical procedures should wait until skin sensitivity has completely resolved before receiving a peel.

Q: What are the contraindications to chemical peels?
Chemical peels should be avoided if any of the following conditions are present:
• Active cold sores, herpes simplex or warts in
• Accutane use within the last year
• History of recent chemotherapy or radiation therapy
• Allergies to aspirin
• Women who are pregnant or actively breastfeeding
• Patients with Vitiligo
• Patients with a history of autoimmune disease (such as rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, lupus, multiple sclerosis etc) or any condition that may weaken their immune system

Source: Union Square Dermatology

Personal Approach on Peels:

*** Peels will be offered in the future based on client demand. My main concern with peels is even though the recommended time is 5 days to avoid sun post peel, other studies and articles indicate longer periods of time.

   Florida is a difficult territory for chemical facial peels, especially for the active individual who spends much time outdoors, golfing and enjoying the beach, or even just being on the go (we get much unexpected sun exposure while driving in our cars!). Wearing a hat while out on the boat does not protect us from the reflective rays off the water; sunblock is simply not enough protection from direct environmental elements post peel treatment. Offsetting the benefits are post-treatment or post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation which is detrimentally enhanced by the raw exposure of the freshly peeled skin to sun exposure. Peels also work best in series, adding another dilemma for many clients.

   For client safety, in seeking peels elsewhere, do not accept any peels in which the percentage is not available or noted by the spa. Any peel above 30% is legal ONLY in medical spa settings in the State of Florida, under the directive of a medical doctor.

   My current facials are high powered for deep exfoliation, effective product penetration for maximal treatments (with UltraSonic technology), and avoid downtime to accommodate the lifestyle of my clients here in Naples, FL, including our visitors who certainly want to take full advantage of our sunshine and hopefully use sunblock regardless!

   Designer Botanical Peels with holistic and natural ingredients (20%-30%) will be added to the BodyWellness of Naples Signature Facial menu in November of 2016, all client feedback for these services are welcome and appreciated.