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Nationally Certified Massage Therapist, 

Contemporary Cupping Therapist 

and Esthetician,

Mary Lambrecht welcomes you to BodyWellness of Naples~

Grosse Pointe, Michigan native and Vassar College graduate, Mary Lambrecht has made Naples her home for over 20 years. With continuous education and training, she has been providing only the very finest quality treatments since 2004. As sole proprietor of BodyWellness of Naples, Mary's personalized treatments include Massage Therapy, Contemporary Cupping, Red Light Laser Full Body Treatments, Specialty Facials and Skincare including Sugaring Hair Removal. 

Detailed information regarding all of Mary's services is available on this website.

If you would like to schedule an appointment, please text 239-595-2094, NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE or email

*** To expedite response, please introduce yourself with first and last name, type of service requested. Due to high level of spam calls, incomplete information may result in dropped or blocked messages. Thank You!***

Safety guidelines and immaculate spaces continue to be in place, as they always have been since 2004! Appointments are spaced out and bathrooms/ treatment rooms sanitized after each visit. Masking for clients is optional. Practitioner and owner has been fully vaccinated and will continue to wear mask during your service per CDC recommendations. Thank you for keeping BodyWellness of Naples a safe space for all of our families.


Our Online Store is now open! Learn more about your favorite products or explore new options with full access to list of ingredients on-line. You will appreciate (and maybe even be surprised) by the fantastic and well researched ingredients behind our chosen skincare lines.


Your 15% Off Online Store is available with flat rate shipping, or make yourself a list for in person orders for more savings, I would love to see you! We now offer drop shipping for all Tuel skincare products, fast and fresh directly from their California based labs. For our online store, flat rate shipping is $4.00 per item, if shipping and insurance is more than the total, we cover you and if it's less than the total, we refund you!


Always 15% off with special savings for Tuel Skincare Line, Sweet & True Co and BodyWellness of Naples Private Label skin and body care products. We also carry fresh seasonal batches of CBD products from Jasper Organics, for use during both massage treatment and home care. Ask me about my CBD wraps! Our Wellness Center also has a curated collection of small batched and natural products for purchase in shop only. Scroll down for more information.

NEW in 2023~2024 Karomni Co. Whipped Body Scrub 

(Vegan, Organic and Handcrafted in Wisconsin)


A decade long search has finally brought us "The One" of sugar scrubs! Too often sugar scrubs are excessively oily or difficult to apply and rinse. Karomni Whipped Body Scrub is the goldilocks of all scrubs; it richly lathers with its soapy base and beautifully exfoliates the skin while leaving a soft, smooth finish. No oily residue is left on your body or bath. We carry a variety of organic scents in two different sizes. Come find your new addiction and share the love as these luxurious whipped sugar scrubs make amazing gifts. Order on our online store or stop by our wellness center boutique store for a personal sampling.

Scents are available in both 8 oz and 4 oz glass jars; gift wrapping available for in store orders for pick up.


  • Lemon Vanilla

  • Crimson Rose

  • Sweet Patchouli Sandlewood

  • Wild Mint

  • Blooming Lilacs

  • Oakmoss Amber

  • Fresh Coffee

  • Watermint Clementine

                                    NEW in 2023~2024 Come experience the luxurious Lotus Facial

                                    by DeHaz of Palm Beach, Florida

The Pink Lotus has been cultivated for over 3000 years in Asia, Egypt, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and North Africa. Also known as the Sacred Lotus or Angel Lotus, it is revered for its beauty, intoxicating sensual scent and uses in traditional medicine over the centuries. The Blue Lotus is of a more rare variety, also known as the Egyptian Blue Waterlily, and was highly prized by the ancient Egyptians for its medicinal and religious properties. The Blue Lotus was often depicted in art and other symbols. The plant is characterized by its deep blue, star-shaped flowers and large, green leaves. The petals of the blue lotus flower are said to symbolize the unfolding of the soul and are still used in certain cultures today to bring blessings and protection.


In addition to many spiritual associations, both the Pink and Blue Lotus flowers have been used in traditional medicine to treat a variety of ailments, including skin conditions. Antioxidant rich lotus extracts fight against free radicals and reduce inflammation, with soothing properties benefiting all skin types, even the most sensitive! Antioxidants promote healthy cell turnover and skin regeneration, resulting in smoother skin, better texture, and brighter complexion. Lotus based skincare is also an anti-aging powerhouse in combating sun damage and hyperpigmentation. Compounds in Blue Lotus can help alleviate hyperpigmentation, dark spots, and uneven skin tone by lowering melanin production while stimulating collagen and healthy cellular turnover.


Our Lotus Facial blends the revitalizing and healing properties of both Pink and Blue Lotus flowers with other precious ingredients like Marshmallow Root Extract, Blue Tansy Oil, Dragonfruit Extract and Tamanu Oil to name just a few! Book your 75 minute Blue Lotus facial, complete with transcendent facial massage and grounding foot massage. Both your body and mind will thank you. 

lotus (4).jpg

Come enjoy our FDA approved Red Light Laser Therapy bed offered with all inclusive rates with your massage session. Facial and Massage clients enjoy insider rates for our full body chamber with any session (our RLLT chamber bed is closed to the public, please refer to Tree of Light (239) 692-9367 if you are seeking RLLT treatment only). See our Red Light Laser Bed page for more information about our medical grade, 660 nm LED used for collagen regeneration and treatment of inflammation or pain. We can also assist you in finding authentic sources of RLLT therapy for home use (zero profit for us), don't be fooled by market knock offs. Celluma Pro is the leader of medical spa and home use RLLT devices.

Sugaring Hair Removal is an ancient art that brings soothing and smoothing wellness for all skin types, even sensitive skin, and long term results. See Sugaring Hair Removal page for full list of benefits and to find out why this service is superior to waxing. Come experience the difference in a private, clean setting. A sister website is now available exclusively for Sugared In Naples, see page for further details. We have replaced ALL waxing services with sugaring hair removal services, sugared and smooth results win every time!

Mad Hippie Advanced Skincare, Anti-Aging for All Ages & Skin Types!


We are proud to partner with Mad Hippie Advanced Skincare since 2022! High performance and mindful blend of natural ingredients bring dynamic, visible change after just weeks of use. Masks, Day & Night care products are available in our boutique store, always 15% off, or book your Mad Hippie Express Facial for a real glow in the New Year! Explore the entire line or add just one serum to boost your loyal regimen, you will notice a remarkable difference. 


Mad Hippie Advanced Skincare is an anti-aging line for all skin types and all ages, it's never too early to be proactive with your skin as we fight sun damage and maintain healthy skin. 


Widely reviewed and touted across the country, Mad Hippie's well deserved accolades are changing the skincare game. Click Below for your brief introduction, 


Love & Light 

OR as our Mad Hippie founders like to say,

Welcome to the Revolution. 

Pick your own beat! 

Purple Cloud Soothing Salve 

(Vegan and hand crafted in Toronto, Canada)


A gentle and soothing organic barrier balm scented with calming chamomile while moisturizing skin of all ages and types.


Zicao is a traditional Chinese herbal medicine which has been used for topical skin treatment for several hundred years and is very healing for dry skin, eczema, cuts, windburn, and insects bites.


Purple Cloud ointment was created in China 350 years ago to treat inflamed skin. Today, this popular formula is still widely used to treat dryness of skin as well as mild to severe conditions: cracked or inflamed, irritated skin lesions, itching, eczema, dermatitis, cold/hot/sun burns, and insect bites. Its effectiveness comes largely from the interaction of its 2 ancient Chinese herbs, Zi Cao and Dang Gui.


Available both in our wellness center or online orders, always 15% off!


Ingredients: Purple gromwell root infused oil, Organic olive oil, Sweet almond oil, Candelilla wax, Organic shea butter, Rosehip oil, Sunflower seed oil, Vitamin E, Chamomile butter, Lemongrass essential oil, Organic rosemary leaf extract.

Size: 15ml/30g

Made in Canada

Frequency Aromatherapy, Rollers & Spa Diffusers


Now available for purchase in our Wellness Center. Handmade with pure and natural ingredients in the USA, right here in Florida. Elegant presentation and packaging also make these rollers and sprays wonderful gifts to share. Choose Clarity, Positivity, Comfort, Grounding or Peace. 


Click Button below to appreciate all of the botanical elements in Frequency's beautiful glass vials made with crystals, natural herbs and the purest essential oils. We also carry all of these favorite blends in concentrated dropper vials to add to your diffuser, bath or carrier lotions. 


We also offer elegant Oriwest Willow Diffusers to enjoy the cleanest and most pure blend of essential oils we have found! These diffusers are imported from Canada and hold up to the rigorous test of time with proper care and cleaning. We use ours every day!


BodyWellness of Naples has elected to maintain all inclusive service rates as a private wellness center. Loyal clients have always been rewarded and referrals appreciated,

since 2004.

We ask payments to be made by cash or check made out to BodyWellness of Naples LLC. Those who would like to earn Credit Card power points while booking spa services, will be charged a 4% convenience fee. Your convenience fee does not apply to product purchases

or online store.

Services rates have always and will continue to be all inclusive, with my long time policy: "Gratuity is not expected as I am a private therapist. However, loyalty and referrals are always appreciated." Unlike most spas, we do not require credit cards to book services. Full payment for booked services is expected for no-shows or cancellations not exeeding the 48 hour courtesy notification. We understand that life happens and will make every effort to fill your slot with wait list requests before requiring your courtesy payment. We appreciate your understanding and support of small businesses.

Your family, friends and colleagues are always welcome here. Thank you for supporting small businesses!


Our first priority is the health of clients and their communities as well as provider of services. Upon September 1st, 2020 re-opening, our wellness center will remain a sole provider service (by owner only) with all protective measures in place.

Private (outdoor) entry, private bathrooms, spaced appointment times and multiple treatment rooms to be fully sanitized between appointments are part of our process and actually are the same practices we have always had in place, before Covid-19! Since Day 1, we have taken pride in maintaining an immaculate, clean, non-toxic and green space. As this is a privately owned and physically separate office unit, Air filtration and AC air flow

are exclusive to our space only. Limited daily appointments will be booked with sanitization procedures in between.


We leave politics at the door. Each and every one of you, as well as your health and safety, matter to us. 

Stay Safe & Well!

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