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Sugaring is an ancient art of hair removal that requires special skill and dexterity. Sugar paste is hand-rolled using special gloves and applied to the body using a hand "molding" process. The paste is then "flicked" in the direction of hair growth, eliminating hair breakage and follicular distortion (the main cause of ingrown hairs). Because the sugar paste is composed of food grade ingredients (sugar, citrus and water) 100% of it is removed from the skin. The sugaring treatment is an absolutely natural and clean process for smooth skin. Aftercare ensures long term results and healthy, non-irritated skin. Multiple sugaring treatments lead to drastically reduced or even permanent hair removal. Sugaring hair removal requires proper training. It is important to distinguish between traditional sugaring techniques and "speed waxing" adaptations of sugaring, the latter of which is not a proper technique for true sugaring professionals. Sugaring will be less painful than waxing with proper application, quality sugaring paste and dedicated home care.

Sweet & True Sugaring Co. products are made in small batches, on site in California, using the finest natural, organic and locally grown ingredients. As industry leaders in sugaring, their specialized training programs and cutting edge products have introduced this ancient art of hair removal across the country. 





* 100% Natural, biodegradable &

water soluble

* Applied at body temperature & will not burn skin

* Does not adhere to live skin cells, or cause any "stripping"

* Minimal irritation; hair removed in the direction of growth

* Can remove hair 1/16 inch

* Less likely to get ingrown hairs

* Lasts longer & leads to permanency

* Skin feels smooth & comfortable


* Dyes, resins & preservatives are not earth/ skin friendly

* Heated to high temperature & can burn skin

* Adheres to live skin cells, may cause peeling or tearing

* Hair breakage when removed in opposite growth direction

* Can remove hair 1/4 inch

* More likely to get ingrown hairs

* Faster regrowth & follicle distortion

* Skin feels irritated & uncomfortable

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