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Advanced Buccal Massage Facial

BodyWellness of Naples is proud to present



Come explore this advanced modality in structural massage and skin care.


In 2023, Mary received the highest level of training with nationally board-certified therapist, Amra Lear, during the instructor’s stay in Miami, Florida. Training was extensive, exciting and rewarding! Mary is one of only two certified Buccal Massage practitioners in SW Florida.


Buccal Massage is a very specialized technique utilizing lifting and sculpting massage, often referenced as the “Facelift Facial” where essential change is created in the skin by stimulating lymphatic drainage for improved cellular function while also creating space and movement in underlying structures of the face. Activation of pressure points inside the mouth and along the jaw brings localized and whole body benefits. Release of tension will bring relief to conditions like TMJ, chronic nerve pain, puffiness and sinus discomfort. Your Buccal Massage Facial makes a golden circle complete with ezyme exfoliation and soothing hydrojelly masque which allows your face to “reset” during a relaxing foot massage.

This is a full 90-minute facial for our all-inclusive flat rate of $175

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