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Testimonials~ Real Reviews by Real Clients

"Mary is a very accomplished and caring massage therapist who takes the time to Listen and carefully assess what your body needs for optimum performance. She is always asking for feedback to make sure the depth of touch is what you prefer and what is best for any conditions or issues you may have. I have been to Canyon Ranch many times as well as world-class spas and Mary is by far the best I've experienced. Her facials are top notch too and again, she takers the time to analyze your skin type and issues before just racing to get it done as many others have. She is also just a lovely person, interesting and caring, and I always enjoy my time in her care."

BS Google Review 2020

"By far the best massage in Naples!"

DR Google Review 2020

"Not only is the place in a great location, beautiful and impeccable, but Mary does know how to alleviate muscle/nerve pain. You don't even have to tell her where it hurts she just knows. In most places you don't get what you pay for, but with her I always feel that I get more than what I paid for."

FT Google Review 2020

Five Stars Private Rating BG Google Review 2020

"Mary was recommended to me for a good deep tissue massage. She did not disappoint. She listened to my problem I was having and focused on that area. She was great!! She even contacted me the next day to see how I was feeling. I would definitely recommend Mary to anyone looking for a great deep tissue massage!"

DT Google Review 2019

"There is no such thing as a really bad massage, but you haven’t had a really great massage until you’ve experienced one with Mary. I just slid off the table a couple of hours ago, and can’t wait for my next appointment. Mary took the time to talk to me about aches, pains and problem areas and address treatment. She is warm and friendly,and made me very comfortable. Her price is all inclusive, and very reasonable! Give her a try when you’re looking for the best!"

LB Google Review 2019

"Mary is fabulous!"

LL Google Review 2019

"Mary, thank you for a wonderful couples massage."

NS Google Review 2019

"My wife and I have been going to Mary for massages for the last three years. In the past forty years we have used many different massage therapists, but Mary is, by far, the best therapist we have ever had. We have regular monthly massages scheduled well in advance. Do yourself a favor and give here a try - you won't be disappointed!"

BB Google Review 2018

"Mary is one of the best massage therapists around!"

JM Google Review 2018

"Had the 24 ct facial with Mary. Absolute heaven on earth! Mary always goes the extra mile with both the facials and massages she offers. You will be delighted and relaxed!"

AT Google Review 2018

"Mary is a very dedicated and caring professional. Her massages and her facials are relaxing and soothing! She is very attentive to the needs of her clients. You won't regret going to Body Wellness of Naples!"

KB Google Review 2018

"Have a Zen moment with Mary. Her education never ends and she works with both young and old with outstanding results. She is truly the best masseuse in our area, in my experience the best anywhere. Mary treats each client individually and knows how to alleviate all sorts of problems. Her products are top shelf and her techniques amazing! Mary blends a great sense of self with her approach to her art. She has a tremendous heart, a great personality and she combines them with her technical skill of massage.

Go to Body Wellness of Naples, you will not go anywhere else."

JR Google Review 2018

"Mary is so wonderfully talented! I have received many massages (as well as prenatal massages) from Mary and she has such a vast knowledge of the human body and its muscles. She has worked on my lower back to my hip to my neck and has helped relieve the pain almost immediately. Mary's massages are both relaxing and incredibly thorough. Her attention to detail is incredible. She makes sure to work out and tend to each muscle or troubled area. I've recently had the Thai Facial and was completely blown away. Mary's techniques are very authentic, and she uses the highest quality products. My favorite is the manuka honey masque - it is absolutely heavenly! It is a wonderful combination of facial and massage - unlike anything I've had before. I definitely recommend this treatment if you are looking for a really special, authentic, and top-quality service! Mary is as talented and as sweet as they come!"

JH Google Review 2018

"I have been to Mary for both massages and facials for years, both are very hands on with great attention to detail. Wonderful natural products and specialized facial massages with lots of options for a customized treatment. Her new Thai facial is a totally different experience, authentic, fun and even uses cold therapy marble stones and oxygen tx mask as part of her luxurious 2 hour treatment, her Manuka honey mask is the bomb!"

RD Google Review 2018

"Mary goes over and beyond to meet the needs of her clients. There are certainly a lot of options when it comes to massage, but Mary's experience is like no other. Caring, compassionate and thorough with each and every client makes Mary's services very personalized. Highly recommended!"

AC Google Review 2018

"Mary is an amazing massage therapist! I have been getting regular massages for about 10 years. I used to be in constant back pain due to stress. As long as I get my massage, I am pain free."

JB Google Review 2017

"Mary is so caring and takes plenty of time to tailor specific services to each client. I had a wonderful massage and very soothing facial. I have become a regular client and look forward to my next appointment."

BG December 13, 2017

"Thai Facial (this time) but I also love the BeeDazzle Facial and the Incredible Enzyme Facial. I have been to Mary for both massages and facials for years., both are very hands on with great attention to detail. Wonderful natural products and specialized facial massages with lots of options for a customized treatment. Her new Thai facial is a totally different experience, authentic, fun and even uses cold therapy marble stones and oxygen tx mask as part of her luxurious 2 hour treatment. Her Manuka honey mask is the bomb!"

DT April 21, 2017

"Just was looking for a facial so I thought I would try here. Coupon I found also included a massaged. Mary was awesome and the service provided was actually above and beyond what was expected. The price seemed kind of low considering the excellent service. Mary is a sweetheart and I would go back again and totally recommend her. She did everything. Facial, massage everywhere including fingers. Don't miss out on a chance for this amazing experience."

RM May 23, 2017

"My massages were the highlight of my trip to Naples! I couldn't have found a better person to work with. She was attentive to my unique issues and challenges and addressed my needs with tremendous skill and attention. I have worked with may massage therapists over many years and Mary is definitely one of the best!"

LS May 9, 2017

Real Reviews by

Real Clients

from Angie's List

(2014, 2015, 2016, 2017

Super Service Award winner,

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"I hadn't had a massage in almost a year and went to Mary. Mary went above and beyond to make the massage relaxing and everything I wanted. She kept communication open to be sure the pressure was right and that I was getting what I needed. A very soothing, pampering experience! :)"

JK April 13th, 2013

"Excellent and Professional"

WW June 2nd, 2014    

"In my view, Mary Lambrecht, owner/therapist of Bodywellness of Naples, is the very best massage therapist in the Naples area. I'd been a massage client with a variety of therapists in the area for close to 25 years, trying to find that one "perfect" therapist... until 7 years ago, when I found Bodywellness of Naples. I haven't had a massage by another therapist since. When it comes to Naples massage therapists, she's the total package. First of all, Mary is the consummate professional. (She's actually a graduate of Vassar College, so aside from providing first class massage services, she's also someone you can talk to: intelligent, educated and articulate.) Her massages are conducted in a spa setting that is tastefully furnished and always immaculately clean. She utilizes only the finest quality creams and lotions (all hypo-allergenic and water soluble.) And she finishes off every massage with her special "hot towel" treatment. The massages themselves are truly AMAZING. Mary truly has the "gift of touch." She's an extremely knowledgeable therapist, who's also intuitive and even nurturing. And with Mary, if you schedule 60 or 90 minutes, you get 60 or 90 minutes of actual table time. Finally, the massages at Bodywellness of Naples are extremely affordable and overall a great much so that I actually get weekly massages there. I give Bodywellness of Naples my highest recommendation."

EM June 23rd, 2014

"I have seen Mary several times and she is a fabulous masseuse. Mary gives the best massages I have ever had and I have been to many places. Mary listens and addresses all of your concerns. I am so relaxed when I leave, no matter how stressed I am when I arrive. Mary is never in a rush. She is timely, attentive and takes her time to make sure you feel wonderful, relaxed and free of pain when your appointment is over. She is extremely knowledgeable about massage and physical therapy. The scents she uses are wonderful, the room is quiet and she offers a variety of music. Mary treats her customers as friends and will always make time for you if you have an emergency. She is just a great person. I feel very fortunate to be her client. I had a serious illness a few years ago and Mary was a tremendous asset in helping my body heal. I recommend her highly. She will also come to your home if that is your preference. Mary is one of a kind and I can not say enough about her or articulate how fabulous she is as a masseuse."

JR June 11th, 2014    

"As a former spa manager in Disney area, I have had many massages and none compare to the high quality massage I received from Mary. Mary has an eye for detail , which shows with all the extra touches she incorporates in the massage service. Mary has a beautiful office where you can feel relaxed and enjoy your service. Also, my grandmother, Lola, has been getting massages from Mary for years. Mary comes to the house to give grandma a massage. Grandmother is in her late 80's and she said, Mary has kept her healthy for many of years."

MH June 30th, 2014

"I have been getting massages from Mary for several years. I used to have constant pain. Since I have been getting monthly massages, I do not have pain anymore. It is a godsend."

JB July 1st, 2014    

"Eight years ago, my elder friend that had developed dementia, was in need of a good, knowledgeable, adaptable, massage therapist. The provider I am reviewing provided massage sessions for my elder. She was always friendly and determined to do what was best for her client. She was enthusiastic and always willing to adapt to new challenges that were presented by the client. My elder has entered into the sunset of her life, with massage therapy being removed from her needs. For anyone looking for an educated, upscale, experience, professional therapist with good values, this provider would be the best choice for you."

SS July 10th, 2014

"Excellent experience. Massage was very helpful for my issues (Back and neck tension). Very friendly. Definitely worth the money and I will be returning."

SL July 15th, 2014    

"Lower back pain - deep tissue massage. The service and communication has always been excellent. She is very thorough in her massages, and she offers a great price for her time. I've been going to her for years and will continue. Highly recommended."

TL July 16, 2014

"I needed a massage and my husband looked up BodyWellness of Naples on Angie's List. Communicated with Mary Lambrecht through text messaging on our iPhones. Thoroughly enjoyed my massage! A calming atmosphere was created and I did not feel embarrassed to get ready for the massage. Mary's welcoming personality and her very effective massage techniques made the whole experience worth doing again. She becomes very attune to the muscles/areas that need a little more T.L.C. and I slept very good that night. I will be scheduling another massage with Mary of BodyWellness of Naples within a couple of weeks. Thank You."

DH November 17, 2014

"Very Postive. Excellent Service"

NP December 2, 2014

"I received a therapeutic massage. It was wonderful. Mary was very friendly and answered any questions that I had. She customized the massage to address some issues that I was having. The atmosphere was very relaxing. It was a great experience. I would go back again."

JH January 14, 2015

"Mary was terrific. Excellent massage with special attention given to problem areas. Asked for feedback during the session. Over all excellent massage. I would highly recommend."

JC March 21, 2015

"This was a second and amazing visit to Mary while on vacation in the Naples area. My only regret is not being able to take her back to Indiana. Without a doubt the best massage experience ever! You are lucky folks in Naples.... she is the best! Best day ever!"

MD April 25, 2015

"The full body massage was awesome!!! It was probably the best massage I've ever had. The massage table was definitely the most comfortable massage table I've ever been on, and I've been on a lot of tables. I am a seasonal resident in Naples. This is my 3rd season. I hadn't taken the time to find a massage therapist until last week. Oh my gosh, I wish I would have found Mary a long time ago.

I get full body massages every two weeks at home (in Michigan). My Michigan massage therapist, Beth, is fantastic. So I think I was just procrastinating in trying to find someone down here who would be as good as Beth. I didn't think I would strike gold on my first try! I have fibromyalgia. I hurt everywhere. Mary was great at working out all my knots. I had shoulder surgery just 3 weeks before seeing Mary. I was a little worried about getting a massage since I'm still recovering. Mary was very careful in making sure that she didn't hurt my shoulder but still was able to give me a great massage in that and surrounding areas. I like deep tissue massages. Mary is strong. She really gets in there! But not in a way that hurts. It was so great. I was slightly sore the next day or two. But by the third day I felt like a million bucks. I don't remember the last time I felt THAT good."

CD May 18, 2015

"Chronic back pain and muscle tightness from travel. Had 1.5 hour massage and felt significantly better after just the one treatment. Excellent.

Mary is very professional and takes the time to understand where the issues are and what may be causing them. She is very skilled in massage and uses different techniques depending upon the trouble spot. I highly recommend her.

BP June 4, 2015

"I have had many massages over the years in this country as well as other locations. In my opinion, Mary was one of the best therapists that I have used. She utilized perfect pressure for my needs and knew the perfect locations to apply treatment. I felt relaxed from the beginning of the massage. After the massage I noticed less lower back pain and renewed energy. I will recommend her to anyone. She is skilled and client centered.

This was the first massage that I have ever had when the therapist provided treatment for the total time contracted. Other therapists usually include the time one prepares oneself prior to treatment and also the time immediately after treatment. A 90 minute massage becomes much less than 90 minutes."

DA August 8, 2015

"Amazing! Worked out all the kinks."

JH August 22, 2015

"I have been getting massages for many years by a variety of massage therapists who have used various techniques. Mary stands out as one of the best! I have chronic lower back, hip and leg pain. Mary allowed time for me to describe my problem areas and she went to work using a massage/stretching technique that was therapeutic as well as relaxing. Her office was well appointed and immaculate! She has a delightful and most professional personality. I have scheduled my next 2 appointments and I believe I have finally found a massage therapist in Naples who I will stick with! I highly recommend Mary without reservation!

BO August 23, 2015

"Purchased as a birthday present for my wife. She was delighted. Urges me to get it for myself. I may do it soon."

MB October 1, 2015

"I had extreme tightness in my upper body and neck. Mary was very knowledgeable and helpful. My appointment with Mary could not have gone better. The massage table was comfortable and the room was very relaxing. Mary made me feel at ease and relaxed. She also tended to all of my needs, the the tightness in my neck and upper body. Mary is one of the best Massage Therapists I have ever had! She is extremely strong and very knowledgeable! I believe Mary is the best Massage Therapist in Naples, FL! I am so happy I found her and I will be recommending her to all my family & friends!"

BR October 17, 2015

"I moved to the area and wanted to find a regular massage. I moved to Naples from Colorado Springs. In Colorado Springs I got regular massages from a group that provided massages to athletes at the U. S. Olympic Training Center. When I moved I hoped to find somebody who gave massages of the same quality that I was receiving in Colorado. My experience here far exceeded my expectations- in fact it was the best massage I have had."

BB October 19, 2015

"I thought the massage was very effective and would recommend her to anyone. I felt better immediately. It was a very enjoyable experience."

JB February 15, 2016

"I received a fantastic massage from Mary. She took the time to discuss my situation and let me know a little about her techniques. Her office was decorated very nicely and created a calm, peaceful atmosphere. Her massage table is the most comfortable I have ever experienced. The massage itself was extremely effective and relaxing. I felt 100% better, She was able to really focus on the areas which were causing me the most discomfort and provide relief. All in all it was a great experience (except for the bad back....).

Her rates are good, she gives you the full time for the massage. Any discussion, etc. is done on her time. There is plenty of parking, she has a lovely, clean office with a great massage table. She does her best to accommodate your schedule. She takes the time to discuss your needs so that she can treat you effectively. And lastly, she gives a great massage. It's a win-win. Already booked my second appointment."

DO February 22, 2016

"I recently moved to Naples and started looking for a massage therapist. I have gotten regular massages for years to keep my body strong and healthy and thankfully I found Mary. She gives a wonderful massage and is exactly what I was looking for. She is strong and knowledgeable and truly cares about your needs. I highly recommend Mary to anyone! (just don't take my time slot!)"

CG February 24, 2016 

Grade A

SK March 3, 2016

"Mary Lambrecht of BodyWellness of Naples gave both my wife and I a sixty minute massage while we were on vacation in Naples. Mary was very responsive in scheduling both of us over Memorial Day weekend. Mary was very friendly and professional throughout the therapy and did an excellent job giving both my wife and I a full 60 minute massage each. My wife has massage therapy often and commented that her experience and BodyWellness of Naples was one of the best massages she has received. We both felt we got more than our money's worth going to Mary at BodyWellness of Naples."

MM May 27, 2016

"I had seen Mary first for a massage (best ever) and then scheduled a facial as well. I received the BeeDazzle Facial which also included back, legs/feet, and arms/hands massage. Not only was the facial relaxing, my skin felt and looked great afterwards. The location was convenient with easy parking and building access. It's clear she has put a lot of thought into the details of her business to ensure a positive customer experience from beginning to end- booking the appointment, amenities, checkout, etc. Mary was professional, personable and an absolute delight to spend time with. I will definitely use her in the future and recommend her to family and friends."

PP May 29, 2016

"I have benefited from her expertise for many years. She is extremely thorough and ALWAYS takes the time to talk about my aches and pains and injuries and from there she personalizes my massages- THE BEST? She rocks! I have given several gift certificates to my family and friends and they rave about her too."

RD August 18, 2016

"Excellent, excellent, excellent- I am very particular about what I expect when I take a break from my extremely physical job. And Mary provides a wide range of techniques. My favorite is the deep tissue with the hot towels. She is an experienced massage therapist and works on my trigger points, sore muscles and relieves all the tension with the perfect amount of deep pressure. Years ago, I joined a local massage group where they offer a you a package- and will NEVER do that again. Bottom line, I am a repeat client and refer her often and have purchased several gift certificates for friends and family. Mary will have my support and business for a very long time."

TT August 11, 2016

"I love my regular facials and wanted to try one of Mary's Wellness Facials after many massages for both my husband and I. Mary has a simple menu of high powered facials which can be customized to your needs. I chose the BeeDazzle per her recommendation for pore refining and combines this with the Ultrasonic deep cleansing in my 90- min session; my pores looked more refined and my face felt great. I have rosacea and my skin looked calm and even toned after both treatments, had no inflammation whatsoever. Loved the free samples with zero pressure to buy products, Mary will assess your regular facial care regimen and enhance it rather than try to replace it. Very relaxing with the perks of added massage for the hands, feet, neck and shoulders."

DT August 26, 2016

"My wife and I go to Mary for regular monthly massages. She gives the best massages in the area. I wanted to give something special for my wife's birthday and Mary suggested that I give her a facial. As a surprise, I scheduled my wife for a BeeDazzle facial for her birthday. My wife had never had a facial before and she said she thoroughly enjoyed it. She said Mary provided the same quality to her facials that she does to her massages. She really liked the way the facial left her face softer than it had felt for last year. An added bonus is that the facial included a mini-massage as well. Highly recommended."

BB September 6, 2016

"Best massage I have had since moving to Naples. I plan on going back real soon. It was a real pleasure!"

TM December 3, 2016

"I highly recommend Mary. She is an extremely skilled, caring, compassionate, strong and a very knowledgeable massage therapist. I have had many massages from different therapists around the country and Mary is by far the best I have ever been to! I have a few minor chronic aches and Mary is able to keep my body healthy so that I am able to continue working out on a regular basis. She listens to the concerns you have for that appointment and focuses on what your needs are. She is absolutely Fabulous!!"

RG December 5, 2016TM December 3, 2016

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