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Enzyme Therapy by Dehaz

 From Palm Beach, Florida to Naples, we introduce highly active enzyme treatments with botanical blends typed for your skin type and needs. High powered enzymes exfoliate your skin and enhance the absorption of specialized botanicals, globally curated for your skin by Dehaz. Organically and ethically sourced fruit enzymes and nut/root extracts, including Lingonberry, Acai, Cloudberry, Rooibos, Prickly Pear, Tamanu and Pomegranate are blended for highly active Enzyme Therapy and botanical infusion to enhance cellular turnover, heal blemished skin and awaken anti-aging processes. Potent & Pure.

We have never been a fan of peels, especially here in Naples where sun exposure and elements are tough on skin. Enzymatic exfoliation is especially beneficial for those with dry, sensitive, and mature skin types, but all skin types can benefit from treatment. Enzymes help smooth texture, brighten tone, and clear the way for more efficient product penetration—all while keeping the skin’s natural barrier intact. Unlike most peels, enzymes require little to zero downtime while still activating noticeable change during the day of and days following your facial treatment. In skincare, enzymes are one of the most popular ingredients in both professional and home care masques. Enzymes are also used to enhance primary forms of exfoliation such as manual scrubs, ultrasonic deep cleaning and dermaplaning as a form of "double exfoliation". 


Dehaz masques bring Enzyme Therapy to a whole new level of high potency, and while many of our masque formulas are not for the "Feint of Skin", we do have several more gentle options for more sensitive or health challenged skin. These treatments are not peels, but do require similar pre and post facial care. It is very important to consult before booking your facial and be informed about any current home care skin products to maximize the effectiveness of your facial and Enzyme Therapy session. We would love to answer any questions you may have and are excited to offer this treatment with any of our Signature or Wellness Facials, all inclusive for your choice.


                                                          NEW in 2023~2024

                                                          Come experience the luxurious Lotus Facial

                                                          by DeHaz of Palm Beach

                                                          at BodyWellness of Naples~





The Pink Lotus has been cultivated for over 3000 years in Asia, Egypt, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and North Africa. Also known as the Sacred Lotus or Angel Lotus, it is revered for its beauty, intoxicating sensual scent and uses in traditional medicine over the centuries. The Blue Lotus is of a more rare variety, also known as the Egyptian Blue Waterlily, and was highly prized by the ancient Egyptians for its medicinal and religious properties. The Blue Lotus was often depicted in art and other symbols. The plant is characterized by its deep blue, star-shaped flowers and large, green leaves. The petals of the blue lotus flower are said to symbolize the unfolding of the soul and are still used in certain cultures today to bring blessings and protection.


In addition to many spiritual associations, both the Pink and Blue Lotus flowers have been used in traditional medicine to treat a variety of ailments, including skin conditions. Antioxidant rich lotus extracts fight against free radicals and reduce inflammation, with soothing properties benefiting all skin types, even the most sensitive! Antioxidants promote healthy cell turnover and skin regeneration, resulting in smoother skin, better texture, and brighter complexion. Lotus based skincare is also an anti-aging powerhouse in combating sun damage and hyperpigmentation. Compounds in Blue Lotus can help alleviate hyperpigmentation, dark spots, and uneven skin tone by lowering melanin production while stimulating collagen and healthy cellular turnover.


Our Lotus Facial blends the revitalizing and healing properties of both Pink and Blue Lotus flowers with other precious ingredients like Marshmallow Root Extract, Blue Tansy Oil, Dragonfruit Extract and Tamanu Oil to name just a few! Book your 75 minute Blue Lotus facial, complete with transcendent facial massage and grounding foot massage. Both your body and mind will thank you. 


MISSION STATEMENT by founder and Palm Beach, FL esthetician Nora Kornheisl: All DEHAZ products are handcrafted with an abundance of love and are a statement of passion and love for plant life. We use NO Harmful Chemical Ingredients, NO Synthetic Colors or Fragrances and NO Animal byproduct Ingredients, NO Parabens, NO Petroleum Byproducts or Mineral Oils and NO Phthalates and NO Animal Testing is ever performed. DEHAZ skincare was born out of PASSION for botany, APPRECIATION of what nature has to offer and BELIEF in the power of plants. Each product is a promise of a unique Aromatherapy Experience with Maximum Concentration of Very Active, High Performance Ingredients.

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