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Book Your Mad Hippie Facial and Explore Our New Favorites & Deets!

BodyWellness of Naples is proud to partner with Mad Hippie Advanced Skincare in 2022! 


We are excited to offer Mad Hippie Express Facials and Clarifying Custom Facials tailoring Mad Hippie products to your skincare needs.  


High performance and mindful blend of natural ingredients bring dynamic, visible change after just weeks of use. Masks, Day & Night care products are available in our boutique store, always 15% off, or book your Mad Hippie Express Facial for a real glow in the New Year! Explore the entire line or add just one serum to boost your loyal regimen, you will notice a remarkable difference.


Mad Hippie Advanced Skincare is an anti-aging line for all skin types and all ages, it's never too early to be proactive with your skin as we fight sun damage and maintain healthy skin. Widely reviewed and touted across the country, Mad Hippie's well deserved accolades are changing the skincare game. 


Love & Light

OR as our Mad Hippie founders like to say,

Welcome to the Revolution.

Pick your own beat! 

Here are just two of our Mad Hippie favorites and why...

Antioxidant Facial Oil 

with Argan Oil, Goji & Camu Camu

This versatile facial oil can be used Day or Night, and will leave a silky finish on your skin, unlike many other facial oils. We love this facial oil as it can be mixed with all Mad Hippie Advanced Skincare serums (or your own!) as well as easily layered with any moisturizer or as a smooth finish under make up. Only 2-4 drops are needed to benefit all skin types from dry, dull skin to blemished, acneic skin. Yes, you heard me right! This facial oil reduces acne and controls the skin's oil production while also maintaining hydrated skin. Repair your natural barrier functions and restore balance whether your skin is dry, sun damaged, combination or blemished! 

So what's really in it?  Be Amazed!

Organic Argan Oil – Providing instant, non-comedogenic hydration to the skin while naturally occurring triterpenoids work to reduce the appearance of scars. Containing over 80% essential fatty acids, as well as naturally occurring vitamin E, this exotic oil works to moisturize & revitalize the skin.

Hemp Seed Extract - Rich in omegas 3, 6 & 9, as well as antioxidants, hemp seed oil provides the skin with instant moisture and replenishment.

Sea Buckthorn Berry – This berry native to the Tibetan Himalayas, is rich in vitamins A, B, C, D, E, K, P, carotenoids, flavonoids, phenols, folic acid & fatty acids. In fact, the buckthorn berry is thought to be the only plant in the world to contain omega 3, 6, 7 & 9 all together.

Blueberry Extract – This superfruit is rich in antioxidants including vitamins A & C.

Pomegranate Oil - Potent antioxidant that is an excellent source of ellagic acid.

Camu Camu Berry – Amazonian berry with with naturally occuring high concentrations of vitamin C.

Broccoli Extract – Containing a high percentage of sulforaphane that helps reduce the appearance of skin redness.

Raspberry Seed Extract - High in vitamin E, vitamin A, ellagic acid, and omega fatty acids 3 & 6.

Strawberry Extract – Antioxidant-rich berry with naturally occurring vitamin C.

Goji Berry – Containing 18 vital amino acids, zinc, selenium, phosphorus and vitamins B1, B2, B6, C & E, goji berries provide the skin with essential nutrients and antioxidants. In fact, the superfruit contains more beta carotene than carrots, and even more iron than spinach.

Grape Seed Extract - Powerful natural antioxidant

Sunflower Seed Oil - Rich in vitamins A, D & E, as well as essential fatty acids, sunflower seed oil has natural moisturizing and soothing properties.

Triple C Night Cream

with Reishi, Turmeric & Cloudberry



I have finally found a high performance night cream which is safe to use with all serums and retinols of your choice. Triple C Night Cream is deeply hydrating with with 3 forms of (stable) vitamin C, potent antioxidants & adaptogens. With 19 cutting-edge actives, this synergistic formula brings dramatically brighter, healthier, smoother looking skin in just one jar! See

bottom of this web page for Pro Tips on Layering your Day & Night skincare products safely and effectively. Wake up to the Magic!

So what's really in it?  Be Amazed, Again!

Triple C - 3 bioavailable forms of vitamin C, each with distinct biological processes, join forces to rejuvenate and protect the skin from exposure to daily stressors.

Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate, Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate & Ascorbyl Glucoside, all incredibly bioavailable & effective forms of vitamin C, work to brighten the skin and reduce the appearance of discoloration, while lessening the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Reishi - Known as the "mushroom of immortality" in Chinese medicine, reishi is a powerful adaptogen that is packed with antioxidants and hydrating elements.

Sodium PCA – A naturally occurring humectant, Sodium PCA helps bind moisture to the skin, dramatically improving skin hydration.

Cloudberry - A revered Nordic berry notorious for its ability to grow in the harshest of conditions, Cloudberry is packed with rejuvenating antioxidants such as vitamin C & beta carotene that help even the complexion and brighten!

Turmeric extract - A powerhouse antioxidant great for acne-prone skin, turmeric extract helps lighten the appearance of skin discoloration and provide antioxidant protection. Turmeric extract gives the benefits of the revered ancient herb, without the yellow staining effect of standard turmeric.

Chaga - A natural adaptogen packed with powerful antioxidants including superoxide dismutase and zinc. Works to rejuvenate and protect the skin from daily stressors and exposure to pollutants.

Shea Butter - Used in Africa for centuries for its moisturizing & soothing properties, shea butter is a rich source of the powerful antioxidants vitamin A & E, crucial fatty acids and cinnamic acid.

Ceramide - Forms a thin lipid barrier that holds in moisture, while protecting & nourishing the skin. 

Check back for more of our favorites 

& new product announcements!

Let's talk Layering Up (not Lawyering Up mind you...)

Layering skincare products can be a source of confusion for many of us, or seems to get so complicated, we want to check out of a routine which would have otherwise made an amazing difference. 

Instead of getting all mixed up, there are actually Two Rules of Thumb:

1) Apply all water based products, then oil based products. Always apply your serums first, regardless of whether they are water or oil based. It is best to wait a few minutes after application of serums to ensure active absorption, before adding more products. Remember less is more, just a few drops goes a long way!

2) Then you can go back to the basics of the Rule of Thumb of applying your products in this order:   Serums, Eye & Lip if applicable, Moisturizers and then your Oils. Many of us like to dabble in anti-aging oils like Rosehip or Tsubuki or pure Argan and make the mistake of applying the oil first. 

We might be biased, but we do think the Mad Hippie Antioxidant Facial Oil is pretty special with their proprietary blend. Mix up your routine or whatever makes you happy and feel good!

Mad Hippie Advanced Skincare uses all stable ingredients (example: no L-ascorbic acid or unstable Vit C which means you can mix your Vit A or Vit C serums or retinols with their creams. It is recommended if you use retinols, to alternate your retinol serum with their Vit A serum at nighttime. BOTH can be used with their Triple Night Cream! Some of our users have elected to drop their retinols entirely- passing on the cons of drying out skin, increasing sun sensitivity or not holding their value. 

Another Popular Pro Tip: mix your Day (Vit C) Serum and Night (Vit A) Serum with the Facial Antioxidant Oil and then apply as a time saving and simple application! OR if you need more hydration, apply your Serum first, and mix the Facial Antioxidant Oil with your Day or Night moisturizer. Either way, you are skipping a step in layering and saving time!

Mad Hippie also makes a wonderful AHA Exfoliating Peel which is applied like a serum and only used on freshly washed skin as the very first step of your night time routine. This can be applied alternating nights with their Vitamin A serum or your favorite retinols or as a solo serum before Triple Night Cream. Triple Night Cream is safe to apply after ALL serums, even your retinols!

Layering is not complicated, Mad Hippie makes it simple and safe while delivering noticeable results. Don't mix up your acids and contact me anytime for a free consult or book a Mad Hippie Facial to experience the magic for yourself!

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